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Why a Hawk kills Chickens

One day a hawk was hovering round, about eleven o'clock in the morning, as was his custom, making large circles in the air and scarcely moving his wings. His keen eyes were wide open, taking in everything Read

Iwu Festival of Ibusa, Ubulu-Uku

Iwu Festival is one of the numerous annual festivals celebrated within the Anioma region. Some of the other festivals are Ogbanigbe, Ine, Igue, Ife Ji Oku, Iwaji, Irua Nmor and Olia Oma. Iwu Festival is particularly celebrated by Ibusa, Ubulu-Uku, Ubulu-Unor, Ewulu, Ogwashi-Uku, Illah and a few more Anioma communities. However, the discussion here will be based on its celebration in Ibusa and Ubulu-Uku, two communities with striking similarities and dissimilarities of the festival.

Like other known festivals in secular societies, Iwu is a communal festival with carefully planned programme and high revelry. It lasts for some days and its celebration mostly involves adult and youths who engage in it. It is generally believed that as typical of other festivals, Iwu may have evolved based on communal efforts to placate forces and allow fruitful existence of man. It is also a festival associated with planting and harvest times. Though Historians have not been able to link the origin of the festival to any historic happening, it is believed like other major secular festivities that the festival may in some ways be associated with a momentous occurrence before spreading to the other parts of the region.

In Ibusa, the festival is celebrated by Ogbeowele and Umuodafe Quarters of the town. Ibusa tradition traces the origin of the festival to certain Ibusa warriors who went to Ani-Nmor (Land of the spirits) and returned with the idea of the festival. This according to the mythology explains the dance step of the main characters during the festival. However, popular opinions claim that the festival was imported to Ibusa by Diokpa Oyana of Adigwe family from Umuga Clan of Umuwor in Ogbeowele. It was from Ogbeowele that Umuodafe borrowed the festival and consequently began to celebrate it. The Ogwa (shrine) where Iwu was first celebrated in the town can still be seen standing at the entrance of Adigwe family compound. While Ogbeowele celebrates the festival in November, Umuodafe celebrates it in December. Celebration of the festival comes in stages and can be described mainly as an outdoor festival -
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Tourism in Ibusa

Ibusa offers variety of tourism and monuments which will interest travelers to the little town. The town is a rapidly growing one with indices for development. It is also a quiet one with people coming from different ethnic groups to work in Asaba, the state capital. In terms of rich traditional ways of life and festivals preserved in local customs, Ibusa is the place to be. However, many of these tourist attractions in the town remain untapped because not having attracted the attentions whether the federal or state government for the enjoyment of outsiders and visitors. It is a town largely in neglect but growing due to self efforts by the indigenes, clubs and associations such as the Ibusa Community Development Union (ICDU) and a host of others. Tourism in Ibusa can generate funds and foreign exchange if developed and well managed by the government. This is because of the enormous investment opportunities available to the town in view of its geographical location near the state capital as well as the International Airport and Cargo currently under construction lying very close to it. Political and social stability is also another advantage which the town has. The people of Ibusa are highly hospitable, accommodating and tolerant of other people of other extractions. It is this reason that the city has never recorded any ethnic clash in modern times whether internal or involving other ethnic groups. This healthy feature should therefore be held as a target for willing investors in the town. The enthronement of democracy in the country and serenity in Delta State which Anioma people are well-known is also a plus for the community. Click here to read more   

Okpuzu Water Fall

The Okpuzu Fall so named in the language of the people is a water fall located within Umuekea, Ibusa, Oshimili Noprth Local Government Area of Nigeria. It is head of Oboshi stream which for centuries remained the source of water for the domestic use of the people. Typically, water from Okpuzu flows and rapidly drops in elevation over a rock that has been naturally formed over the centuries. The velocity of the water is so high that the sound of the water is often heard. Click here to read more 

Ibusa: Land of Great Dancers

That Ibusa has produced great achievers in all endeavours of life including music is a fact, it is also truer that the history of the town remains incomplete without the mention of the contributions made by the town towards the growth of the Anioma region music wise. For reasons quite strange, historians and commentators on the affairs of the town have always left-out this aspect of the history of Ibusa. Almost every cultural and ceremonial aspects of the town incorporate singing and dancing, studying the cultural state of the town may principally involve the proper understanding of the dance steps of the people. It is for this reason that a historian once described Omuoha, the sister of Umejei and one of the founders of the town as a beautiful dancer.

Festivals such as Iwu, Ifejioku, Ine, Ulor, Ichu-Ekensu celebrated in the town all entail dancing, not even the typical Okanga running form funeral in which those involved are seen carrying cutlasses and sticks, with the people dressed like an military attack on the town is imminent is spared. Little wonder the likely manner in which an old Ibusa woman may choose express her pleasant surprise is to momentarily move her body in a quick rhythmic manner temporarily lost in frenzy. Such is how music could naturally engage any Ibusa person, the kind of music Ibusa is distinguished, is the Anioma traditional kind of music.Click here to read more

Ibusa Proverb

A farmer who would not work inside the rain and would not work under the sun, would have nothing to harvest at the end of the farming year. Read


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